Spa Treatments

Facials – For a Clean Glow



Need a quick “pick-me-up” facial? Our 30-minute Express Facial will cleanse and tone your skin, and leave your face glowing!

bye bye face, back and neck acne! 

Ideal for adult or teens with acne prone skin on face, back or chest. This facial regulates excessive secretions of sebum, dies, clams, and heals blemishes and tightens enlarged pores and leaves the skin feeling

exhilaration facial

This anti-aging facial revitalizes dull skin by stimulating circulation, replenishing moisture, and neutralizing free-radicals, leaving skin feeling luxuriously smooth and rejuvenated.

Organic Facial

This facial uses a blend of nautical extracting agents to pull impurities for the skin and minimize pores. It uses organic reships which are naturally high in vitamin C to infuse the skin with antioxidants while the organic mint serves to cool inflammation. Followed with an organic herbal hydration mask which cools, calms and keeps essential moisture the the skin while ensuring ongoing hydration while eliminating excess oil.